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Besides regular news about SAP products and applications, HotNews also has RSS feeds for specific products. You can customize the RSS feeds or subscribe to a newsletter to receive updates on a particular product or feature. By using an RSS feed, you won’t miss any important SAP updates. This feature is also free. However, if you use HotNews frequently, you should sign up for the newsletters. However, you should follow the rules of HotNews to ensure your privacy.

HotNews is a free news website. To subscribe to it, simply enter your email address and click subscribe. The service is free and updates frequently. You can select which topics you want to receive updates on, customize your subscriptions, and even filter by RSS feed or version. In addition to subscription options, HotNews also allows you to customize the email notifications that you receive. HotNews also allows you to choose which products and topics you want to receive updates on.

One of the best aspects of HotNews is its ability to customize news to meet your needs. You can choose to follow specific articles or sub-categories, and you can even subscribe to SAP TopNotes (important notes about a particular module). This information is crucial for planning the implementation of a new software feature or application. Hotnews also includes references to post-implementation tasks, ensuring that your SAP implementation is on track.

SAP has released a free, customizable news service called HotNews. The news service offers daily updates of important announcements and new developments in the SAP ecosystem. HotNews is an invaluable tool for IT professionals and developers as it allows them to subscribe to specific products or categories. With regular updates, HotNews is easy to use and can keep you up to date on the latest news. The service is free to subscribe to, and it offers multiple benefits for both the consumer and IT professional.

HotNews allows you to filter news by category, application, support package, or security. You can also customize the content and even customize the notifications. It’s free to sign up and receive the news that matters most to you. It’s one of the easiest ways to stay updated with the latest SAP developments. Just log in to HotNews and start receiving the latest SAP updates. It’s that simple! If you’ve never subscribed to SAP HotNews before, do it today. You’ll be glad you did!

Besides being free, SAP HotNews also offers many customization options, and you can customize it according to your business needs. For example, you can choose to subscribe to specific items like SAP TopNotes, which are important notes about a particular module. These are useful during implementation or post-implementation steps. In addition to the news, HotNews also offers updates. The new service is easy to use and has many benefits. There’s no reason to miss the latest news on SAP products and services!

Hotnews is owned by Media Bit Software SRL, a company founded by two former Capital journalists. Hotnews publishes news in Romanian, English, and Spanish. The site also has a mobile app. The Hotnews team has expanded its content into Spain and other countries. However, the site is not as active as it once was. Hotnews’ editors left the organization in March 2018 to start their own news site. Hotnews is now called Newsroom and is published in both English and Spanish.