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If you want to stay updated with the latest news from SAP, you can subscribe to the HotNews newsletter. Subscribers will be notified of all new SAP software features and important product updates. You can easily filter through topics and choose to receive your newsletter via email or RSS feed. This free newsletter service is an excellent option for IT professionals who need to stay up to date on the latest products and software. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed through your RSS reader and receive the latest SAP news right in your inbox.

Once you’ve registered, HotNews is sent to your inbox every month. It contains information on upcoming events, new product releases, and special offers from the AUGI and Autodesk companies. You can also find articles and announcements on AutoCAD in this newsletter. Subscribe to HotNews by adding it to your MY AUGI profile. You’ll never miss anything again! There are no fees to subscribe to HotNews, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Getting the latest news about SAP is easy with the HotNews service. It’s free and works on most SAP versions. While the interface isn’t as user-friendly as HotNews. You can subscribe to specific categories or articles, or get alerts. The HotNews service also includes a library of SAP-related news articles. For IT professionals, it’s a great way to stay updated. HotNews also contains important SAP notes and reference instructions.

Depending on the product or module you’re using, HotNews will deliver the latest updates and news about that particular component or module. The news feed is constantly updated and customizable, so you can choose to receive important SAP updates from only the relevant topics. HotNews is free and can be customized to your application’s needs. A free version is available online. If you’d like to customize HotNews for your own personal needs, you can sign up for a paid subscription.

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